Venezuela Says Air France Worker Arrested In Seizure Of 1.4 Tons Of Cocaine On Flight To Paris

Security Council approve this request. ‘TOMORROW WILL BE TOO LATE’ France plans to draft a resolution to put to the Security Council in October to increase support for the U.N. Integrated Peacebuilding Office, or BINUCA, in the Central African Republic, allowing it to go beyond Bangui, providing it with rights observers and asking U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to report on how to move forward. Paris then wants a second resolution to give U.N. backing to the African Union force and ultimately would like the African mission to be turned into a U.N. peacekeeping force. It was unclear how quickly a deal could be reached on a first resolution because French diplomats said some Security Council members were hesitant to move forward because of questions on financing and responsibility for the mission. “I think that the large majority of the Security Council are in favor, but the modalities still need to be explained,” Fabius said, adding financing could be raised through donations. Power said the United States strongly favored the deployment of the African Union peacekeeping force and was “exploring ways to furnish bilateral technical and financial aid.” She said Washington also supported boosting BINUCA. “It is both vital and urgent that other states join in backing this effort, whether with money or troop contributions to the AU mission,” she told the meeting, according to a transcript of her remarks. France has a small force in Bangui securing the airport and its local interests.

France’s Bouygues says 4G rollout ahead of schedule

Customers are seen inside a Bouygues Telecom store in Paris August 28, 2013. REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen

[ID:nL6N0GV3EI] The stakes are particularly high for Bouygues because its smaller size has made it vulnerable since Free’s mobile launch. Now Bouygues is seeking to capitalize on the headstart it has in 4G because of the authorization it obtained from the French government in March to re-use old spectrum once used for voice for mobile data. As a result, Bouygues will have broader coverage than rivals more quickly, and will also be the only operator able to offer Apple Inc’s iPhone users 4G speeds as of October. SFR and Orange are aiming to cover 40 percent of the population by the end of the year. Both have said they aim for at least 1 million 4G customers by the end of the year. Bouygues has not given a customer target. Orange has filed a court challenge to the government’s decision to allow Bouygues to get a headstart in 4G, arguing that the move was unfair. But Orange Chief Executive Stephane Richard said on Monday that Bouygues’s advantage in 4G would not last forever: “Maybe Bouygues will temporarily have better coverage of the population but this advantage will fade.” In a bid to recruit customers quickly, Bouygues will give away one month of 4G usage for free through mid-November. The offer will be open to customers from rival operators. “With the launch, we are offering the opportunity to 40 million French people to discover 4G for free and with no obligation,” Bouygues Telecom Chief Executive Olivier Roussat said in a statement. With its existing 4G offers starting at 29.99 euros a month, Bouygues also added a high-end plan with a generous mobile data allotment of 16 gigabytes for 59.99 euros without a smartphone contract. High-end offers from Orange typically include 6 gigabytes of mobile data or 9 gigabytes at SFR. Bouygues, France Telecom, SFR and Iliad bought 4G licenses in late 2011, bringing 3.6 billion euros to state coffers. Construction of the new networks began a year ago but picked up in earnest once Bouygues had its authorisation to re-use its spectrum to launch earlier than rivals. Unlike rivals who are marketing 4G heavily, Iliad has remained quiet on its plans beyond saying that it will offer the service.

Pierluigi Lugano, an Abissi wine maker, checks a Primat, a bottle that contains 27 litres of sparkling wine that was brought to the surface by scuba divers on September 25, 2013 in Chiavari. Pierluigi Lugano is experimenting by storing his wine three to four years in the sea at a depth of 60 metres and some 3 kilometres offshore, where the water temperature remains constant under 6 bars of pressure with a slight deepwater current. 

The Interior Ministry announced the arrests of Juan Chirino Ariza, the Air France employee, and six other men whose names it did not provide. Pakistans earthquake relief effort comes under attack Tim Craig and Shaiq Hussain As rescue efforts enter a third day, at least 350 fatalities and more than 500 injuries are reported in Baluchistan. Behind Nairobi attack, a Somali mastermind Sudarsan Raghavan Mukhtar Abu Zubeyr is bookish and recites poetry. He has also killed most rivals to gain control of al-Shabab. Human remains found near wrecked Costa Concordia Max Ehrenfreund The remains may belong to two people who were never accounted for after the wreck 20 months ago. Kathy Lally Olympic Committee members express satisfaction on their final inspection of Sochi, the host site. That brings to 22 the number of people being held in Venezuela and France in the case. Among the 10 others arrested in Venezuela are eight National Guard soldiers, including a lieutenant colonel. Authorities say the cocaine was shipped on Sept. 10 in 31 suitcases. Five suspects were arrested in France three Italians and two Britons. Officials did not explain why they waited nearly two weeks to announce the seizure. Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.