United Kingdom,united States : Seminole Energy Services Buys Native American Marketing’s Crude Oil Transport Assets [tendersinfo (india)]

Why are chemical weapons the sole “red line” in a war that has seen prisoners mutilated and shot, civilians deliberately targeted, informers beheaded? Because, in a rambling an unscripted reply to a journalist’s question on 20 August last year, President Obama said so: A red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilised. That would change my calculus. That would change my equation. Just moving them around? What about moving just a small quantity rather than “a whole bunch”? Are we seriously supposed to bomb a country, not as part of a UN force or an Arab League-run mission, but more or less alone, because of a red line scrawled so imprecisely? Ask yourself this. Had it been the other way around, would President Obama be backing us? We are currently involved in two major diplomatic disputes, one with Spain and one with Argentina. In the first, the Obama administration is studiously neutral.

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Anthony Costa, Duncan James, Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe represented the United Kingdom in 2011 with the song I Can achieving 100 points and 11th place – one of the highest places for some years. They talked to the host about various topics including how being on tour has taken on new meaning now that all of them are parents. They were also there to publicise their new tour Roulette which starts in Nottingham on 13 October. This follows their participation in the tv show The Big Reunion and follow up sold out show on 3rd May in London. The 21 day tour will take them to many cities in England, Scotland and Wales. Stay tuned to esctoday.com for the latest information on the UK and the Eurovision Song Contest . About the author Robin Scott I attended my first Eurovision Song Contest in 1995, and from 1996 presented daily live reports for radio stations from the event. Since then I have been providing material from everywhere the contest has been held. I also enjoy compiling most of the video materials for three UK ESC events each year. In 2010 I first provided material for esctoday.com.

This will enable the company to enter into the crude oil transport sector. Seminole stated that it will fold the acquisition into one of its subsidiaries, North American Crude Logistics Services. The acquisition comprises substantially all of Native American’s assets, including its transportation fleet and marketing services. Jason Few, president and CEO of Seminole, said, “The acquisition of Native American Marketing is an essential element in Seminole’s long-term business structure, especially given the recent increase in oil production. With this acquisition, we can provide our crude oil customers an immediate solution for getting their oil production to market quickly while simultaneously implementing longer term infrastructure solutions. Native American enhances Seminole’s competitive position as a midstream solutions provider, making Seminole a one-stop shop for our customers producing both oil and gas.” Following the acquisition, Larry LeBarre, CEO of Houston-based Native American, will served as the president of North American Crude Logistics Services. LeBarre said, “We at Native American Marketing are genuinely pleased to become part of the Seminole family of companies. This acquisition not only supports the targeted growth planned for Native American but also allows us to offer expanded, complete services to our crude oil customers, enhancing the value we provide. It’s truly a win-win for everyone involved.” Native American stated that it will keep on focusing in Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio and West Virginia production plays. (c) 2013 Euclid Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Provided by Syndigate.info an Albawaba.com company