Pretzel Mania Spreads From Fast Food To Every Food

Pretzel Pub Chicken

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Can Food Porn Help You Eat Healthier?

But what am I supposed to do when I’ve spent a day making toasted marshmallow ice cream, which I then scooped into a graham cracker crust lined with chocolate? I mean really? How could I not take a picture of s’more ice cream pie to share with all my friends? (They were right to want a piece.) With all of those over-the-top sweets taunting us from the pixels of our electronic devices, are we also right to worry that this technological innovation – in which we can “share” whatever we are eating with all of our friends or followers – is contributing to our national health crisis? Research says yes – especially because those who are most vulnerable to giving in to food cravings are those who already struggle with weight problems . Related: 7 food additives you should think twice about before eating I know from my own experience that something delicious – and calorie-laden – I’ve seen on Instagram or a blog or Facebook will follow me around, whispering my name until I finally give in and re-create it in my kitchen. It is, almost always, worth making and usually worth taking a bite of as well. But if ogling photos of cheesecake dripping with caramel sauce can inspire cravings, can it do the same for leafy greens and whole grains? While it’s true that the lion’s share of food porn still belongs to desserts, vegetables are a close second . And those photos of brightly colored veggies can be just as intriguing – and crave inducing – as those dedicated to sugar and butter. I’ve been a victim of beautiful photos of cucumbers and carrots nearly as often as I have of chocolate and cream. In fact, when I’m stumped for dinner ideas yet again and looking for something tasty and healthy, I often turn to one of my favorite food porn sites: Tasteologie , where I know there’s sure to be a photo of something green and good for me that will inspire my efforts in the kitchen. Even though this repository of food porn has its fair share of cookies stacked high and brownies topped with ice cream topped with melty gooey fudge sauce, it is well-balanced with photos of beds of greens and bowls of nutritionally-alluring grains.

Sent! A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. 8 To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs Pretzel mania spreads from fast food to every food Bruce Horovitz, USA TODAY 11:56 a.m. EDT September 26, 2013 The American consumer’s love of pretzels has twisted its way into pretzel buns on all kinds of burgers and sandwiches, including a new one from 7-Eleven. But the trend is fast moving beyond bread. Wendy’s Pretzel Pub Chicken sandwich. (Photo: Wendy’s) 7-Eleven has begun to roll out a sandwich on a pretzel bun Pretzel buns are the rage of the restaurant industry this year Now pretzels are showing up in all kinds of new food products SHARE 171 CONNECT 67 TWEET 8 COMMENTEMAILMORE The pretzel is taking over the American stomach. Particularly as a holding vehicle for burgers and sandwiches. 7-Eleven has just begun a national rollout of its first pretzel sandwich. And next week, Wendy’s, which arguably started the national pretzel mania with its summer rollout of the wildly successful Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger, is about to introduce yet another pretzel product: a chicken sandwich served on a pretzel bun. Now the pretzel craze that began this summer has extended into fall with 7-Eleven’s Diablo Chicken Ranch Sandwich and Wendy’s upcoming Pretzel Pub Chicken sandwich. A record 160 pretzel products were rolled last year, vs.

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