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Pierluigi Lugano, an Abissi wine maker, checks a Primat, a bottle that contains 27 litres of sparkling wine that was brought to the surface by scuba divers on September 25, 2013 in Chiavari. Pierluigi Lugano is experimenting by storing his wine three to four years in the sea at a depth of 60 metres and some 3 kilometres offshore, where the water temperature remains constant under 6 bars of pressure with a slight deepwater current. 

Even a list on sites like Newsarama cant come up with ten books where Wonder Woman is actually the solo star in a list of great stories about Wonder Woman. Granted that Brian Azzarello has a killer run going with Wonder Woman right now, but the reality is, the character has a rough history at DC. Shes never had more than one book at a time, that book has sometimes had a spotty publication history, and lets not even get into Amazons Attack!. This is a problem both because movies are generally built on the comics as a starting point, and if DC is uncertain how to treat one of their most popular characters, that uncertainty will echo up the line. Casting Is Everything, And Insanely Difficult Theres a pretty surefire way to know that a studio cant figure out how to cast a role; every single actor remotely recognizable is being considered for it. And so it is with Wonder Woman: Name an actress, no matter how laughably inappropriate, and shes probably been rumored for the role. True, they could cast an unknown, and theyre trending towards that with superhero movies, but, well, see above about Hollywood stinking. And to be fair, Wonder Woman is a tough, tough role: Its both physically and emotionally demanding in a way that Hollywood is scared to ask of actresses in the first place, and is hard to find period. The number of actors who have perfectly captured a superhero (or supervillain) onscreen are few in number; Christopher Reeve, Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger. Its like finding a needle in a haystack. That hates needles. Will they make a Wonder Woman movie? Eventually.

Prev Post 1 of 1Next Slide Its great to be an animal in West Hollywood. The city declared itself a cruelty-free zone when it passed Resolution 588, which prohibits cosmetics-testing on animals and the use of steel-jaw leg-hold traps, reports Ecouterre . The city has not stopped there. It has also replaced the term pet owner with guardian, banned the declawing of cats, outlawed the sale of dogs and cats and prohibited exotic and wild animal performances. Now West Hollywood can add another animal welfare achievement to the listthe city has officially become the first fur-free municipality in the United States! West Hollywood may just be the Humane Capital of the U.S., dont you think? All businesses in West Hollywood city limits can no longer legally sell fur and anyone convicted of breaking the new law must cough up $250 in fines and fees. The ordinance states , All retailestablishments located within the City of West Hollywood will beprohibited from selling, trading, distributing, importing or exportingany fur product on or after September 21, 2013. A campaign called Fur Free WeHo (WeHo is a common abbreviation for West Hollywood) paved the road for this grand victory as it argued that West Hollywood should uphold the spirit of Resoultion 558 and revoke support for the fur industry , which causes unimaginable amounts of suffering and kills 50 million animals per year. Ellen Lavinthal, co-organizer of Fur Free WeHo said , Its not justhow [the animals] die, which is very painfully. Its how they live up untilthey die, in cramped cages, with insufficient food, shelter and water.Its horrific. According to Babble , some retailers are not very pleased with the citys new law. The furs are sometimes the most expensive pieces in the collection, so it affects sales dramatically, especially if you sell it at a larger percentage. To cut off someones big-ticket item makes it hard for a business to survive, said Darrel Adams from the boutique Kin. The city is thankfully fully committed to the fur ban though and does not expect to ever repeal it. I am pleased that the time has come for this ordinance to take effect. Our city attorney has written, and we approved, a strong ordinance that will withstand the test of time, said West Hollywood Mayor Pro Tempore John DAmico, the laws chief sponsor, via the West Hollywood city website .

West Hollywood Becomes First Fur Free City in the U.S!

And while 4 million to 8 million people still watch Cup races each weekend, NASCAR TV ratings are down 8% to 18% from five years ago, depending on the race and the TV carrier (NASCAR races are divided among Fox , ESPN and TNT ). That has required NASCAR Entertainment to, well, shift gears. The local office, opened in 2000, initially focused mostly on movies and simply exploited the huge attention then paid to the sport. One big score was the film “Talladega Nights” in 2006, which supposedly got the green light with no more of a premise than ” Will Ferrell as a NASCAR driver.” But NASCAR knows that to now reignite its growth, it needs to widen its fan base and do so via the different ways entertainment is now consumed. Currently, 83% of the sport’s fans are over age 29 and 78% are white, according to Scarborough Research in New York. So Stoddard’s office is pushing to get NASCAR in front of younger and multicultural audiences. NASCAR Entertainment spearheaded a reality show about a teen-age NASCAR driver, called “Flat Out,” that debuted last week on AOL ‘s On Network website. A NASCAR-themed telenovela, “Arranque de Pasion,” aired on Spanish-language Univision and is available on Univision’s website as part of NASCAR’s bid to gain a larger Latino following. At the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles this year, the award for favorite female athlete went to NASCAR driver Danica Patrick , and she didn’t win by chance. NASCAR Entertainment pitched her to Nickelodeon as a nominee. Earlier this year NASCAR driver Joey Logano appeared on Cartoon Network ‘s Hall of Games Awards show and driver Trevor Bayne was a presenter on the Radio Disney Music Awards. At the same time, NASCAR is adapting to new ways programs are viewed on computers, smartphones and other digital devices, programs that often are shorter than the conventional one hour- or 30-minute TV shows. Case in point: “Flat Out,” a reality show that follows driver Dylan Kwasniewski, 18, who has excelled in NASCAR’s minor leagues. NASCAR teamed with Vuguru, a studio founded by former Walt Disney Co. chief Michael Eisner , to develop “Flat Out” as an online program and sold it to AOL Inc.

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27 through Oct. 13, the 51st New York Film Festival will feature the world premieres of Paul Greengrass Captain Phillips, Spike Jonzes Her and Ben Stillers The Secret Life of Water Mitty. By Associated Press, The Hollywood Reporters list of its 10 best stories of the week: WHATS BEHIND THE BRUTAL BLOODBATH OF BROADCAST REALITY EXECS? Looking for things to do? Select one or more criteria to search Kid-friendly ABCs John Saade is the third out of four unscripted chiefs out as the network franchises age and desperation sets in for a new Duck Dynasty-size hit. THE INSIDE INTEL ON WANDA GROUPS $8.2 BILLION CHINA STUDIO PLAN Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman and Harvey Weinstein joined a Hollywood contingent on hand for the unveiling, but one exec warns the Chinese are famous for wildly exaggerating what they are going to do. EMMYS: YES, THAT WAS MICK JAGGER AT ALL THOSE PARTIES The Rolling Stones frontman, about to jump into a TV series with new Emmy-winner Bobby Cannavale, drew stares at fetes thrown by CAA, Jimmy Iovine and HBO. NBCS JOHNNY CARSON MINISERIES HINGES ON FAMILYS BLESSING Fresh from controversy around the Hillary Clinton miniseries, now on hold, NBC Entertainment chair Bob Greenblatt promises: Were not going to do this without the family. SEE JON HAMMS AND AMY POEHLERS HILARIOUS INVITE FOR THEIR LOSERS-ONLY EMMY PARTY (PHOTO) Winners like Tina Fey and Ty Burrell were allowed in, but only with a charitable donation Jimmy Kimmel, Elisabeth Moss, David Spade, Fred Armisen and January Jones. INSIDE THE INTENSE CAPTAIN PHILLIPS SHOOT: TOM HANKS MENTAL STRESS, HIS CO-STARS HORRIFIC BACKSTORY AND A SCARY FIRST DAY ON SET Sonys true story about pirates wasnt without its own drama as nine weeks on an actual container ship amid fighting, hostility and seasickness took its toll; says Hanks of playing the real-life hero, (Theres) the anger that goes along with it and the desperation. . Youve got to start at 60 miles an hour. Plus: Why did director Paul Greengrass keep his Somalian actors away from his star? ALEC BALDWIN ON HIS NEW MSNBC TALK SHOW: AS LONG AS ITS NOT INDECENT, WE CAN SAY ANYTHING (Q&A) The famously touchy actor reveals why he landed on the cable channel instead of NBC, what network chief Phil Griffith has said about Twitter, and the profile of his dream guests: I want controversial people. ROBERT DE NIRO REPLACING JAMES GANDOLFINI IN HBOS CRIMINAL JUSTICE MINI The late Sopranos star will remain an executive producer posthumously after first developing the project as a series and starring vehicle. BREAKING BADS VINCE GILLIGAN NABS CBS DRAMA SERIES ORDER House creator David Shore is attached to showrun the drama, which CBS initially developed with Gilligan back in 2002. SHIELD COMICS CREATOR JIM STERANKO ON ABCS AGENTS SHOW: NO MENACE, NO TENSION In his THR debut, the comics veteran says the ABC series sorely missed the attitude of Samuel L. Jackson, asking Who in hell am I supposed to root for? Copyright 2013 The Associated Press.