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We connected with passionate and candid dining services directors, managers, and chefs, and learned that more than ever, students on the whole are already passionate and knowledgeable about food when they arrive at campus, and are interested in trying new foods and want to know where it’s coming from. Click Here to see the 25 Best College Bars in America Here’s the methodology we used to come up with the Best Colleges for Food in America for 2013: Healthy Food/Local and Sustainable: The meals are made in-house from scratch as well as cooked in small batches, and the school is committed to teaching their students the benefits of buying locally and maintaining healthy lifestyles. Accessibility and Service: The number of eateries on campus along with the daily hours, and how well these locations are taken care of. Events/Nutritional Education: Events are centered on food, and the dining halls help bring students together in an engaging way. Additionally, if they educated their students about nutrition through these events or on their website, it was a bonus. The ‘X Factor’: Something unique and creative that differentiated the school’s dining services from the rest of the pack. Student Feedback/ Social Media: While we still valued many of the things we noted from last year — for example, whether students are interested in trying new cuisines and spices as well as very invested in sustainable and local dining — there are still many schools that seemed to fall short when we evaluated their dining performances. Therefore, we made student feedback and social media outlets the last category in our assessment this year. It seemed appropriate this time around to incorporate how well-received student requests or complaints are by the dining services, as well as the frequency that these pages are updated to inform their students about new additions or changes. While we did evaluate the schools for how great the actual food is, the most important aspect to us was the overall dining experience, everything from restaurant-quality food to “going green.” As a result, several of the schools that were seen as the leaders on last year’s list have been joined by institutions have improved their dining services. While the hierarchy might be changed, all the schools on our list still go above and beyond the call of duty. And while there is a clear hierarchy, we’d be happy to eat at any of the colleges on this list. The truth is that life can be pretty delicious if you’re an undergrad. For example, Occidental College engages their students in yearly events like “Oxy Iron Chef” and holiday theme nights; Bowdoin’s dining hall blog and their dining hall food magazine, The Bowdoin Gourmet, are designed to constantly keep students in the loop. Emory University offers their students cooking classes on topics like the best wine and meal pairings and mixology 101, while Kennesaw State harvests their own honey, mushrooms, and herbs from campus gardens.

Food Stamp Work Requirements Could Still Be Waived For Some Under GOP Bill

His office said able-bodied adults in high-unemployment areas like Danville, Martinsville and Henry County could keep drawing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits without having to obey the new requirement that they find jobs or enroll in training. “Under the House proposal, the states would be given certain flexibility to grant waivers in certain cases depending on unemployment levels and/or hardship,” Hurt’s office told Brittany Hughes of the Danville Register & Bee . Hurt was not one of the 15 moderate Republicans who voted against the bill, but his statement to the local press suggests he and they share some of the same sensitivity “to the struggles that people are having,” as one of the GOP nays, Rep. Patrick Meehan (R-Pa.), put it after the vote . The 1996 welfare reform law allowed able-bodied adults without dependents, known by policy wonks as “ABAWDs,” to receive food stamps for only three months unless they worked or enrolled in training at least 20 hours per week. The law gave states authority to wave the requirement in times of high unemployment, something most states currently do. The House voted Thursday to stop states from waiving the requirement, a policy change that would push 1.7 million Americans off assistance, according to the Congressional Budget Office . As liberal critics of the House legislation have noted , the measure doesn’t require states to make training programs available to food stamp applicants if jobs are scarce. But a little-discussed provision of the new legislation would allow states to exempt 15 percent of able-bodied adults from the requirement. The calculation would be based on the number of ABAWDs who receive benefits in a given state as counted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In the most recent data available , 74,000 able-bodied Virginians without dependents received SNAP benefits in 2011. That means that under the House bill, next year Virginia could give food stamps to 15 percent of that total, or 11,100 people — if it wanted to.

The Best Colleges for Food in America for 2013

Print Can food porn help you eat healthier? I’m definitely guilty of indulging – and contributing – to the food porn problem: you know, the one in which I subtly encourage all my friends to indulge in something not-so-healthy by snapping photos of what I’ve just eaten or made and posting it all over the social networks. But what am I supposed to do when I’ve spent a day making toasted marshmallow ice cream, which I then scooped into a graham cracker crust lined with chocolate? I mean really? How could I not take a picture of s’more ice cream pie to share with all my friends? (They were right to want a piece.) With all of those over-the-top sweets taunting us from the pixels of our electronic devices, are we also right to worry that this technological innovation – in which we can “share” whatever we are eating with all of our friends or followers – is contributing to our national health crisis? Research says yes – especially because those who are most vulnerable to giving in to food cravings are those who already struggle with weight problems . Related: 7 food additives you should think twice about before eating I know from my own experience that something delicious – and calorie-laden – I’ve seen on Instagram or a blog or Facebook will follow me around, whispering my name until I finally give in and re-create it in my kitchen. It is, almost always, worth making and usually worth taking a bite of as well. But if ogling photos of cheesecake dripping with caramel sauce can inspire cravings, can it do the same for leafy greens and whole grains? While it’s true that the lion’s share of food porn still belongs to desserts, vegetables are a close second . And those photos of brightly colored veggies can be just as intriguing – and crave inducing – as those dedicated to sugar and butter. I’ve been a victim of beautiful photos of cucumbers and carrots nearly as often as I have of chocolate and cream. In fact, when I’m stumped for dinner ideas yet again and looking for something tasty and healthy, I often turn to one of my favorite food porn sites: Tasteologie , where I know there’s sure to be a photo of something green and good for me that will inspire my efforts in the kitchen.

Can Food Porn Help You Eat Healthier?

Christopher Kimball Host of the highest rated cooking show on public television, Americas Test Kitchen, editor and publisher of Cooks Illustrated and Cooks Country Magazines, and a frequent guest on national television. Tony Mantuano Author and chef/partner of Spiaggia, Bar Toma and Terzo Piano in Chicago, and Mangia Trattoria in Kenosha, Wis. Chef Bart Vandaele Owner & executive chef at Belga Cafe in Washington D.C., contestant on Top Chef on Bravo and Stella Artois Ambassador. Stefano Viglietti Owner of Sheboygan Countys Trattoria Stefano, Il Ritrovo, Field to Fork and Duke of Devon. Local and regional chef talents to grace the Midwest Chefs Stage this year are Chicagos Michael Feker of Il Mito, John Coletta of Quartino and Jason Gorman of Terzo Piano, Milwaukees Paul Funk of Hinterland, Madisons John Bauer of The Wise at Hotel Red, Dan Bonanno of A Pig in a Fur Coat, Tory Miller of LEtoile, Sheboygan Countys Lynn Chisholm of The Paddock Club and Gerald Feger of The Blind Horse. A variety of talented chefs including The American Club Executive Chef Rick Boyer from The Kitchens of Kohler restaurants will participate in select events, special restaurant menus and demonstrations throughout the own drinks and learn about the newest drink trends. The event continues to offer new experiences alongside signature weekend favorites creating memorable experience for all interests. Experiences new to this years line-up include The American Test Kitchen Brunch, Surf and Turf: Innovative Seafood and Wine Pairings Seminar, Shake & Stir with Fabio Viviani and a design session entitled Outfitting Your Dream Kitchen with Americas Test Kitchen. Time-honored happenings to savor are: Taste of the Vine, Feast of Talent, Champions Dinner and Leinenkugels Oktoberfest Rockin Brews. Throughout the weekend guests can enjoy complimentary demonstrations and tastings at various locations throughout the resort. Gratis experiences are hosted at The Shops at Woodlake, Kohler Design Center, Woodlake Market, Gourmet Marketplace at The American Club and Stella Artois Best of Belgium Cafe pouring complimentary glasses from Stella Artois Collection featuring the new Cidre. Ticket Information & Hotel Packages Kohler Food & Wine Experience tickets are available for purchase for individual events online at www.KohlerFoodandWine.net or by phone at 1-866-243-8548. Event prices start at $15. Many events and tastings are complimentary. Hotel packages are available The American Club Resort in Kohler, Wis.

World Food Programme beefing up its Syria program

Refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria arrive February 18 at the Jordanian border.

A Syrian girl eats a tomato at a temporary refugee camp in the eastern Lebanese town of al-Faour in the Bekaa valley on Wednesday, September 11. A Syrian refugee girl drinks water from a hose near a temporary refugee camp in an eastern Lebanese town on Wednesday, September 11. Lower Saxony’s Commissioner for Migration and Participation Doris Schroeder-Koempf, along with German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich, center, greet the first of many Syrian refugees that have been granted temporary asylum in Germany on September 11. A refugee boy sits on the ground at a temporary refugee camp in the eastern Lebanese town of Al-Faour, Bekaa, on September 11. Syrian refugee children run near their tents at a temporary refugee camp near the Lebanese border with Syria on September 11. Mustafa Abu Bekir, who was wounded while fighting with the Free Syrian Army, smiles as he meets relatives after crossing the Cilvegozu gate border in Turkey’s Hatay province on Monday, September 9. A Syrian refugee family of 26 people shares one room in the Eminonu district in Istanbul, Turkey, on September 9. The family fled Syria seven months ago. Two Syrian refugee children sit outside a house where they currently live in Istanbul on September 9. A refugee money-changer exchanges currency at the main market at the Zaatari refugee camp near the Jordanian city of Mafraq on Sunday, September 8. A woman from an Alawite neighborhood in Syria holds her son on September 8 at the Pir Sultan Abdal foundation in Istanbul, which belongs to the Turkish Alawite community. Around 2000 Syrian Alawite refugees came to Istanbul in recent months to escape violence in North Syria. A Syrian refugee displays second-hand shoes for sale at the main market at the Zaatari Refugee Camp close to the Jordanian city of Mafraq, near the border with Syria, on September 8.