‘breaking Bad’ Finale: 5 Things Movies Can Learn From Walter White

14 Oscar Winning Horror Movies

People under 50 are less then 14% of the membership. So when you wonder why horror movies do not win you should now have your answer. Not many 60 year olds are die hard fans of the new genre of horror. That said over the year some great horror movies have won Oscar nods and in an effort to cheer myself and other horror fans up I figured it would be fun to look back at 14 Oscar Winning Horror Movies. These films are in no particular order. 1968s Rosemarys Baby: Roman Polanskis film Rosemay Baby is a truly powerful film and to this day remains one of the greatest horror films of all time. Mia Farrow turned in one of her greatest performances as Rosemary a woman about to have the devils baby whether she is willing or not. It got two Oscar nods, Best Screenpaly and Best Supporting Actress. It won for Best Supporting Actress. Frankly its insulting it did not win more nominations then it did. Rosemarys Baby should have been one of the biggest Oscar Winning horror movies of all time. Why it was overlooked for more Oscar nods I will never know I am not a 62 year old white male but I am under 50! 1973s The Exorcist: Right up their with Rosemarys Baby when it comes to epic horror films is The Exorcist. To this day it gives me the creeps and did I am sure wonders for the growth of Catholic Sunday Services. In The Ecorcista child is possessed by a mysterious entity and her mother seeks the help of two priests to save her.

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Don Jon The man has priorities: his body, his pad, his wheels, his church, his porn. Nicknamed Don Jon ( Joseph Gordon-Levitt ) for his way with the ladies, the dude’s in control until he meets Barbara ( Scarlett Johansson ), a knockout with a thing for mushy movies. They click until she catches him in front of the TV, um, amusing himself. Can he win her back? Rated R. Enough Said Divorced masseuse Eva ( Julia Louis-Dreyfus ) and funny guy Albert ( James Gandolfini ) fret over their maturing daughters as their bond blossoms. At the same time, Eva gains a new client ( Catherine Keener ) who cannot stop divulging details about her ex. Cue Eva’s two worlds colliding. Rated PG-13. Haute Cuisine Meet Hortense, who shakes up the Elysee Palace kitchen cabinet when she becomes the president’s personal chef. As the pride of the republic rests on her shoulders, Hortense will stop at nothing to excel, foodie jealousies be damned. Based on a true story. In French and English with subtitles.

For five seasons, viewers stayed glued to their screens because of Bryan Cranstons masterful performance as Walter White, even though most viewers gave up long ago on saving his soul. Also read: Breaking Bad: The Case for Why It Isnt Good Moreover, Cranston who made himself doughy and bald, and was frequently bedecked in unflattering tighty whiteys (henceforth to be known as Walter Whiteys) was willing to not be movie-star handsome. Thank God. But even when hes flailing about the desert in his underwear, he remains a charismatic presence. Its true that indie flicks frequently offer up protagonists who are morally compromised, but studio executives are loathe to greenlight a commercial film centered on someone who isnt chiseled, angular and blessed with rippling abs. Let alone a man who poisons children and tucks his button-downs into his Dockers. 2.) A Story Can be Funny, Scary and Suspenseful Sometimes at the Same Time Breaking Bad defies convention. Individual episodes are masterpieces of slow-building tension that also have laugh-out loud moments. Its hard to believe that a series that contains plane crashes, drug overdoses and Neo-Nazis could also offer Bob Odenkirks oleaginous ambulance-chasing attorney Better Call Saul Goodman or Aaron Pauls meme-tastic magnets bitch line. Then again, this is a show that has a major character lose half his face in an explosion, and calls the episode in question, Face Off. High meet low. Because they need to appeal to the broadest possible audiences, most major films have all their rough edges rubbed off comedies are purely funny, horror movies primarily scary and action movies are action filled and low-IQ geared. 3.) Location, Location, Location New Mexico was chosen as a backdrop for Vince Gilligans crime thriller largely because of tax breaks.