5 Things New York Giants Need To Do To Defeat Kansas City Chiefs

New York Giants Burned by an Old Super Bowl Friend

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New York City Plastic Surgeon Reveals All in 3-Part Arm Lift Blog Series

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Giants O-Line

And the Giants knew they could do the same — and they did — in Green Bay, during the 2011 playoffs, en route to their Super Bowl XLVI win, once again, over the Patriots. In that Super Bowl, Blackburn’s interception of Tom Brady might have very well saved New York’s championship. Momentum was already on the Patriots’ side, with New England having rallied from a 9-0 deficit to lead 17-9 , and then 17-15. What seemed certain to be a big completion from Brady to tight end Rob Gronkowski deep in the Giants’ end — which could have easily led to a 24-15 New England lead early in the fourth quarter — was rather shockingly thwarted by Blackburn, who raced back and made an acrobatic leaping pick to account for the game’s only turnover. The entire feel of the Super Bowl shifted from that moment, and the Giants went on to win, 21-17. After Blackburn’s Finest Season, Finances Lead to His New York Exit One year later, Blackburn started at middle linebacker for New York and turned in his best season, with 98 tackles (64 solo) and three sacks, but he became a salary cap casualty in the offseason, and the Carolina Panthers scooped him up with a new two-year deal. Using His Giants Knowledge Against His Old Team So, that brings us to last weekend, as the Giants were expected to shake off a tough 0-2 start and right their season toward competing for yet another Super Bowl title at the expense of Blackburn’s new team, which began with the same disappointing record. Perhaps New York’s coaching staff was a little too overconfident that they could try the same old things that Blackburn practiced against for several years. A slim one-point favorite at home, the Panthers humiliated the Giants, 38-0, while sacking two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback Eli Manning seven times, including a New York team-record six times in the opening half. Why, at least in part, was it so easy for Carolina? After the game, Blackburn (who made his first start as a Panther, while calling the defensive signals against his old team) admitted, ” I had an idea of what they run and what they like to do in situations. We had a great game plan going in.

The Giants offensive line lost their first three battles of the season and will have no stroll in the park against a hybrid, fast front in the Chiefs’ defense. If New York can give Eli Manning time in the pocket, he will have the chance to make plays. Last week, the Carolina Panthers got to Manning far to easily and pretty much at will. The Giants currently hold a -9 turnover differential, which explains their poor start. In the successful years under Coughlin, New York prided themselves around their turnover ratio. Of course, their defense was much better and that has an impact on this stat, but Manning definitely took better care of the ball in those seasons. Its obvious that the New York Giants arent playing to their potential as of late. If Manning wants to make a run for the playoffs down the road, Big Blue must play Giants football come Sunday. What can the Giants do to turn their season around and defeat the Chiefs? Score Early Bob Donnan- USA Today Score first. Big Blue can’t fall far behind at the start of games because it’ll force Manning to drop back more than the Giants want.